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2017 – 2018 Fees and Financial Conditions

1. One-time Payment Fee

  • Application Fee of 3,000 Baht is payable when the application is submitted and is non-refundable administration charge.
  • Entrance/Enrollment Fee is payable upon initial enrollment and the confirmation of the place at the school. This fee is non-refundable. Two options are below:
    • One-time lump sum fee: 120,000 Baht per child or 180,000 Baht per family;
    • Capital levy fee: 60,000 Baht in the first year or the first three terms is payable upon initial enrolment. In the second year or the following fourth term onward, 15,000 Baht per term is charged on top of the tuition fee as long as the child remains at school.
  • Note: Capital Levy allows parents who are in Thailand for only short period of time to have a reduced Entrance Fee. However, parents who pay Capital Levy for a first few terms and would like to change to one-time lump sum Entrance fee, total payment of the entire fee of 120,000 Baht per child or 180,000 Baht per family shall be paid.

2. Tuition Fee

 Year Group  Annual Fee  Term 1 Term 2  Term 3 
 Nursery (3 Days - half days)  192, 945 80,400   64,315  48,230
 Nursery (4 Days – half days)  257, 265 107,200  85,755  64,310
 Nursery (5 Days – half days)  321,555 133,980   107,185  80,390
 Nursery (5 Days – Full Day)  510,615 212,755   170,205   127,655  
 KG to Reception  520,830 217,010   173,610  130,210
 Year 1 to Year 6  532,800 222,000  177,600  133,200 
 Year 7 to Year 10  549,640 229,020  183,210  137,410 
 Year 11 (2 terms only)* 549,640  274,820   274,820 n/a 
 Year 12  564,930 235385  188,310   141,235
 Year 13 (2 terms only)*   564,930   282,465   282,465       n/a

* In term 3 of Year 11 & Year 13 IGCSE and IB examination fee will be levied accordingly.

3. General Deposits

This deposit is used to compensate for loss or damage to school property, including, but not limited to, library books, educational equipment, etc. This deposit will be refunded when the student leaves the school if no damages occur.

Deposits Amount
Nursery to Year 6 5,000 Baht
Year 7 to Year 13 10,000 Baht

4. English as Another Language (EAL) Fee

Additional support for English as Another Language (EAL) shall be charged to the students whose English is not their first language and/or below the School’s standard.

  Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
EAL Fee (5 sessions/week) 36,960 Baht 25,410 Baht 23,100 Baht

*Fee charge could be varied upon the numbers of required EAL sessions.

5. Special Education Need (SEN) Fee

Support for Special Education Need (SEN) students (if required) will be charged as appropriate depending on the assessment of need.

6. Canteen Fee (Snack & Lunch Fee)

The Snack and Lunch fee are as followed:

 Canteen Fee  Annual Fee  Term 1   Term 2   Term 3 
 Morning Snack and Lunch - Nursery   16,380  6,930 5,220  4,230 
 Morning Snack and Lunch - KG to Year 6     22,750  9,625 7,250  5,875 
 Lunch only ** - Year 7 to Year 13  20,020  8,470  6,380 5,170

* Food House Company shall provide Canteen Service in FY 17/18.

** For year 7 to year 13 , cash card will be used to purchase morning snack.

Refer to number of school days in FY16/17 School calendar.

7. Transportation Fee (Optional)

In the academic year 2016/2017, the transportation fees are as follows:

  Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
Campus to Campus (Sathorn-S107/Dusit-S107) 23,100 Baht 17,400 Baht 14,100 Baht
Zone A: Srinakarin/Bangna 40,040 Baht 30,160 Baht 24,400 Baht
Zone B: Sathorn/Rama 3/Narathiwas 41,580 Baht 31,320 Baht 25,380 Baht
Zone C: Sukhumvit 1-24 41,580 Baht 31,320 Baht 25,380 Baht
Zone D: Sukhumvit 26-71 41,580 Baht 31,320 Baht 25,380 Baht

*Metro Bus Company shall provide the transportation service from Zone A to Zone D only.
**For one way transportation fee, 75% of fee per term shall be applied.
***Campus to campus buses provide the special offer for transferred students from Sathorn and Dusit to S107 only.

8. Residential Trip

A residential field trip and/or day trips are an important part of the curriculum and planned for the first and/or second term. The cost of this trip is usually billed as an additional cost on Term 1 and Term 2 invoices.

Year Group Price/student* Year Group Price/student*
Y1 1,000 Y7 15,000
Y2 1,500 Y8 15,000
Y3 2,500 Y9 20,000
Y4 8,000 Y10 20,000
Y5 8,000 Y11 20,000
Y6 15,000 Y12/13 25,000

*This is estimated price of residential/day trips. The school shall reserve the right to change the price if the actual cost incurred has the variance.

9. Due date on fee payment

The due dates for tuition fees payment for 2015/2016 academic year are as follows:

  Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
Due Date 5th Jun 2017 1st Nov 2017 1st Mar 2018

10. Methods of Payment

  • Pay at School
    Cheque: Cashier cheque payable to: " St. Andrews International School, Bangna”
    Credit Card: 2% bank charge

  • For Bank and Other Channels of payment, please contact the school

Note – All bank charges are met by parents (International or local bank charge). Parents are required to send back the deposit evidence or school with referring to (a) Student ID number and (b) Invoice number and fax to school at +66(0)2393 3925 or email at .

11. School Fee Refund

A refund of tuition fee, canteen fee and transportation fee will only be granted depending on the following conditions:

“When a child leaves the school before the next term starts, the parents will be refunded a full term. If the child starts a new term, the parents will be refunded for half term’s fees if the child leaves before the half term break. However, if the child attends the second half term but leaves before its end, there is no refund”.

12. Interest Rate for late payment:

Fees remaining unpaid outside the invoice credit period will be subject to interest of 1.25% per month of outstanding balance until payment is received.

Compulsory Trips and Activities

The Tuition Fees include day field trips within Thailand, but do not include school trips outside Thailand or overnight camps. These will be billed separately.

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