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"We were attracted to the school's campus. It gives an impression of being private with a relatively small community of students. Considerable attention can be given to the students. 

The classrooms and facilities are suitable and clean. They provide a conducive environment for learning. The teachers are highly qualified and friendly, and provide a very interactive curriculum.

There is also a very active Parent Support Group where parents and students concerns are addressed."

Parents of Natalyn (Year 7) and Caitlyn ( Year 2)

At the beginning of 2014 I was looking for a new and exciting challenge after working for 6 years at a School in England. I applied for several jobs around the world but as soon as I met and spoke to Peter McMurray, the Head of St Andrews Schools in Bangkok, I was itching to sign the contract. I started working here in August 2014 and the first thing I noticed was that everyone seemed happy - the students, the staff, the parents and every member of the support staff.

In the short time I have been working at St. Andrews I have repeatedly said, “This is the best job I’ve ever had”.  The direction that the school is heading in excites me and there are numerous opportunities for whole school and personal development for staff. I look forward to being in this educational environment for many years to come… you can’t call this type of employment “work” when it is so enjoyable and fun to do on a daily basis.

Teacher, Gary Byatt

We arrived in BKK late on a Tuesday night from the UK. The following day we attended St. Andrews for a tour and uniform fitting. On the Thursday morning, Marly started school.

But after being stuck in the lovely Bangkok traffic and now running late Tracy decided to walk the rest of the way, they got out of the car and began to walk down Sukhumvit to Soi 107.

I'll never forget Marly's face as he turned around to look at me, he looked so scared and shocked, three days before he'd been living in a small seaside town on the east coast of England, three days later he's walking down a busy road in one of the biggest cities in the world… what was I doing to my family? If I could have stopped the car and got them back in I would have, then driven straight the airport.

Relocating to Thailand was never going to be easy, this was big step for our family. 

One of the key factors in making this an easy transition would be to find Marly a "good school". Marly's growth and development as a person was one of the reasons we decided to make the move to Thailand. We wanted him to enjoy the experiences of different cultures and environments.

By choosing St. Andrews school we feel that we are giving Marly the best start to his education, he is rapidly becoming a well-rounded, polite (but still a little bit cheeky) happy little boy. Since those first few days Marly has enjoyed every day at St. Andrews. Marly (and Tracy) have made many friends from all over the world. He once said to us “I wish there weren’t weekends so I could go to school every day" he would never have said this in the UK.

We both feel we have not just chosen a "good school" but chosen a "great school"

Nick & Tracy Cross, Marly Cross year 2



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