Alexander (Xan) Cleaver

Society Suffocation

For my image, I decided to not photograph something sustainable, instead photograph the effects of what happens when we don't think in a sustainable way and why we, as a society need to combat this and change it before it's too late. This conveys a more powerful message and the use of the plastic can be interpreted in two ways. Firstly, we as a society are still using and wasting far too much single-use plastic and we are metaphorically 'choking' in it, although in reality, many animals like whales and turtles are indeed choking on it. Secondly, it represents mass corporations and governments not acting upon the issues of single-use plastic and sustainability, whilst trying to 'silence' us. We as a global society need to combat this to create a sustainable, enjoyable and more plastic-conscious world for all life to thrive. If we don't  take urgent action to combat this, society may suffocate.