St. Andrews International School, Sukhumvit 107's Physical Education (PE) Programme is committed to developing personal wellness and physical fitness. Regular physical activity in childhood and adolescence improves strength and endurance; helps build healthy bones and muscles; helps control weight; reduces anxiety and stress; and increases self-esteem, mood, and concentration.

PE instruction is sequential and planned to develop and improve performance skills, to impart knowledge and concepts relevant to the activity, to introduce information concerning the fitness and health benefits of regular exercise and to help students develop and maintain physical fitness. Activities are rotated throughout each term and include:

  • athletics
  • badminton
  • ballet
  • basketball
  • circuit training
  • cricket
  • football
  • mini golf
  • rounder’s/softball
  • rugby
  • swimming
  • taekwondo

Currently on campus we have a 25m swimming pool, athletics fields, football pitches and two outdoor covered basketball courts. We have also just finished construction on the S107 Sports Arena which is a 4,000sqm multi-purpose building complete with a double basketball court sized gymnasium, a dance studio, PE classrooms and a fitness centre. This will allow students access to new sports such as gymnastics and tennis.

Students get to take part in an annual FOBISIA trip to another country in Asia. The last games were held at St. Andrews International School, Green Valley. Our basketball and athletics teams regularly compete at TISAC (Thailands International Schools Activity Conference). This is a great opportunity for our students to demonstrate their team work skills and interact with students from other international schools.

The PE Programme aims to provide students with an appreciation of their individual talents while teaching them the value of teamwork, competition, character and selflessness.

An emphasis is placed upon:

  • Developing a commitment to a team concept
  • Teaching the importance of nutrition and physical conditioning
  • Teaching skills which develop individual talent to its fullest potential
  • Promoting respect for coaches, officials, competitors and oneself
  • Developing responsibility and accountability for one’s own actions
  • Promoting honesty, integrity, sportsmanship and fair play
  • Encouraging humility in defeat and graciousness in victory

Our Head of PE Ms. Laura Shackel ensures that sporting activities are continued after school through extra-curricular activities. Our teams compete within Bangkok and across Asia .

For more information on our extra-curricular activities click here.