Haining Yin

Gardens by the bay

In Singapore, 50% of the area is covered by green plants. I can firmly say that we are living in an urban oasis. Every single corner in Singapore is showing its sustainability, especially Gardens by the bay. The one I captured is called the Supertree. Plants use the sun’s rays to produce energy and so do the supertrees. Supertrees do send gases away, acting as chimneys for the gardens by the bay energy centre. These gages contain carbon dioxide and water vapour after they have been cleaned by a filtration system in a biomass boiler that power the chillers to cool the air in the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. Also, the biomass being burned in their energy centre consists largely of prunings from trees that continue growing to provide a future biofuel harvest, beautifying Singapore! Supertrees are an outstanding collab with nature and man-made.