Jenson Rohitratana (Iggi)

Rice field

The sustainability of food plays an important role in human life.  The green rice field with the dew on each green leaf gives a signal for the possibility of being alive.  Greenfield indicates the abundance of water in order to feed the whole rice field. However, water supply is also crucial not only for the growth of rice but also for the survival of human beings.  Asia is currently home to more than 4.5 billion people, who use around 65% of the world's water supply. Also, around 30% of the Asian population is facing water scarcity. Moreover, the volume of water required to produce different types of crop, 1 kilogram of rice consumes 2497 litres of water compared with potato which consumes almost 10 times less (287 litres per 1 kilogram of potato).  With the water situation, sustaining rice as a staple food in Thailand as well as Asia might not always be possible. Therefore, the scene of green rice field in my photo always makes me feel safe and makes my heart filled with great hope of being able to find a way to sustain food for Thai's lives.