Sukhumvit 107 enjoys a very active Parent Support Group which participates in many aspects of school life and aims to foster a closer relationship between parents and teachers. Monthly meetings give all parents an opportunity to socialise and make new friends – an important factor when transitioning into a new school. There are many opportunities for our parents to get involved, ranging from volunteering in the classroom, organising a school family event, to serving on one of the PSG committees.

Parent Support Group Goals:

  • To support and enhance St. Andrews programme and to promote and continue to develop community spirit.
  • To promote camaraderie within the St. Andrews community in order to foster a holistic and friendly educational environment for our children.
  • To provide material, and/or volunteer assistance for the benefit of teachers and students within the St. Andrews community.

Parents act as volunteers at the FOBISIA games, chaperone students to off-campus events and support community engagement such as the annual wine and cheese night, Songkran, the Christmas Carol Concert and International Day.