18 February 2021

Introducing The International Baccalaureate Career-Related Programme (IBCP)

Published by Isabelle Peters

At S107, we care about what route is best for your child after secondary school, and that is why we have recently introduced the International Baccalaureate Career-Related Programme (IBCP). We are the only school in Bangkok that offers the IBCP and there is only one other school in the whole of Thailand. 

The IBCP is part of the prestigious International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) a world-renowned education programme taught in thousands of schools worldwide. The programme is designed to offer students a learning system with both a career-related and an academic focus. It provides an excellent preparation both for university and for the working life that follows.

The IBCP brings the values of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) into an educational framework with a career-related focus.

These are the goals of the programme;

·   To build self-confidence and self-awareness

·   To promote effective independent and collaborative learning

·   To build the skill-set that employers are looking for; promoting clear communication, flexibility, and resilience

·   To develop creative and critical thinking.

·   To foster global awareness

What Does The Course Involve?

During the two-year IBCP programme at St. Andrews S107, students will follow the following structure:

Career-related Studies - BTEC International Level 3 Extended Diploma (equivalent in size and scope to 3 DP Higher Level / 3 A-Level courses) - internally assessed assignments throughout the two year programme (externally verified by Pearson BTEC).

2-4 IB DP courses (linked to your chosen career-pathway) - external examinations (minimum of two at grade 3 and above for award of CP)

CP Core - 4 elements (Personal and Professional Skills, Service Learning, Reflective Project and Language Development) - internally assessed

The strong vocational aspect of the course means that it is an excellent way for students to gain invaluable career-based skills while continuing with rigorous academic study in preparation for university.

The IBCP helps students to develop valuable skills in communication, teamwork, time management, and problem-solving. These are abilities that will prove invaluable in their future studies and their working and personal lives.

Who Should Take the IBCP?

The IBCP offers a less rigorous alternative to the IBDP for students from the age of 16 who want to receive further education with a career based focus.

The course is perfectly suited to students who have already formed a good idea of the career that they are planning to pursue and want an education package that allows them to get hands-on experience in this field as well as continuing with academic study. There is more flexibility than with the IBDP as students can pick any 2 Diploma Courses without having to worry about what group they are in.

Students no longer have to choose between career and education; the IBCP allows them to pursue both.

The IBCP qualification stands in its own right and also provides graduates with a BTEC qualification. All three elements of the course earn students UCAS points which can be used in the tariff calculations for entry qualification into British universities. In the US, the IBCP is equivalent to a high school diploma.

A 2015 survey of IBCP graduates in the USA showed that 87% went on to full-time university study.

Why Take The IBCP At St. Andrews S107?

St Andrews S107 is a world-class school in Bangkok on a green suburban campus in a super-convenient location right beside Bearing BTS station. The school is truly international, with students, teachers and parents of more than 40 nationalities coming together in a happy, supportive and challenging environment. We are the only school in Bangkok that offers the versatile and fulfilling IBCP.

Contact us for more information or to enroll in the IBCP.

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