26 September 2018

S107 a Learning Community for everyone

Published by Mai Boonchanit

S107 a Learning Community for everyone

Professional Learning for teachers is essential and we encourage our staff as well as our students to be life-long learners. On Friday 21st September, the academic team from S107 joined the staff from the other St Andrews Schools in Thailand for a day of Professional Learning. The day was based around Personalised Learning thinking about what we can do to put students and their needs first, now and in the future.

For many participants, the highlight of the day was the Keynote presentation led by Secondary students – Jade Y 13 Green Valley and S107 Students Pop Y12, Max Y11, Emma Y11, Avit Y11, Mei Mei Y9 and Shiksha Y7.

The students were asked to talk about their learning experience at St Andrews schools, what has worked well for them and what things we can do to make the learning experience even better. We were so proud of our students who spoke so confidently and honestly about their learning. They left the teachers with lots to think about.

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