04 February 2018

IB Graduation 2018


IB Graduation

The Year 13 graduation is always a special event. It is a chance for students, parents and teachers to celebrate a memorable milestone together. It is also a farewell. The students say goodbye to each other, goodbye to their teachers and some, if they move overseas to study, will soon say goodbye to their parents. It is an emotional day, but also a happy one.

This year we introduced two new events to our graduation day celebration and these will become new S107 traditions.

Graduation Parade

On graduation day the Year 13 class arrived early, changed into their graduation gowns but they didn’t know why. They only knew there was a special surprise for them. While they were getting ready, the whole of the school community, meaning all office staff, operations staff, students and teachers, lined up along the corridor of building two and out into the primary playground to surprise the graduates. I led them out and they got a huge surprise when they saw the whole school gathered to congratulate them. They were quite overwhelmed. It was a lovely moment.

Graduation Brunch

The graduation parade ended in the activity room where a group of Year 12 students had planned our first ever graduation brunch. The graduates, the Year 12 class, Mr. Simon, Dr. Alfonso and the IB teachers had chance to eat together and chat. Mr. Simon, Great, Akshit and Khush all gave speeches, the Year 12 class handed out some tongue-in-cheek awards and we all enjoyed a wonderful video produced by Year 12. It was a great finish to quite an emotional morning.

Graduation Ceremony

The highlight of the day was of course the graduation ceremony. The graduates arrived looking fantastic, as did all the guests. During his welcome speech Mr. Simon introduced our guest speaker, Khun Mechai Viravaidya and announced an exciting partnership between Cognita and Khun Mechai’s Bamboo School Project. It was an honour to welcome such a distinguished guest to our school and Khun Mechai delivered an inspiring, informative and at times humorous speech about education in Thailand. Khun Mechai’s Bamboo School in Buriram Province is a revolutionary and inspiring project, designed to teach children to be self-sufficient and responsible citizens. It is wonderful that Cognita will soon be supporting this exciting initiative.

Nidhi, Khush and Akshit all spoke on behalf of our graduating class and they delivered their speeches with poise and confidence. At the close of the ceremony the school band entertained us and they did a great job.

All members of the school community played a part in celebrating this year’s graduation. On behalf of the graduates I would like to thank you all.

And on behalf of the school community I would like to congratulate our graduating class. You have worked extremely hard this year and have been a wonderful example to the rest of the school. I would also like to thank the families of our graduates. Your commitment to St. Andrews, and the trust you have put in us to educate your children is not taken lightly.

Good luck to our graduating class. We are all very proud of you!

Best regards,

Mark Anderson

IBDP Coordinator

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