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EcoSchools Association

We are a member of the EcoSchools Association and are working towards earning the prestigious Green Flag award.

Eco-Schools Association

Tree Planting

S107 is fortunate to be on a large campus which allows ample space for large trees to grow. Many of the trees at S107 were planted by students. Every student at S107 added a plant to our extensive covered walkways. Over several weeks, every student transplanted a plant into environmentally friendly coconut planters. The results were spectacular.

S107 Secret Garden

Our garden is a focal point for our GrowGreen Eco committee and is available for all members of the school community to enjoy. Students of all ages work in the garden at different times of the year and the garden looks better every year.

S107 Secret Garden
S107 Secret-Garden

Reducing Food Waste

All organic waste from food preparation is sent to our compost bins. This is used in our school garden as organic fertiliser and fed to our worms in our worm farm. We also discourage food waste with regular waste reduction campaigns in school.


We use vermiculture (worm farming) for several reasons. It helps us compost our food waste more quickly which means we don’t need as many compost bins. It also provided worm castings. This is an outstanding organic fertiliser. We also use worm castings to make worm tea, an organic and very effective liquid fertiliser. The worm farm also provides an excellent learning opportunity for our students.

Vermiculture class
Vermiculture class

Student voice- school pond

We actively seek feedback from students about how to make our school more sustainable. Many students suggested we build a school fish pond and this was completed this academic year.

Paper recycling

Each classroom has two paper recycling bins. One is for reusable scrap paper and the other is to be sent for recycling. The Grow Green Committee regularly make recycled notebooks using scrap paper.

Animal Welfare Week

Animal Welfare week is a regular fixture in our school calendar and raises a large amount of money for this very important cause.

Plastic Free Canteen

Plastic water bottles are not allowed to be sold in our school canteen. All students must bring refillable water bottles to school.


We have recently joined with Trash Lucky and Won Project to increase recycling at our campus.

GrowGreen Committee Agenda and Minutes 2022-23

Environmental review results

GrowGreen Committee Agenda and Minutes 2022-23

Eco Code Results

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