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Why Us?

S107 looks to enrol students who want to join a truly inclusive international, community school in the heart of Bangkok. Through our world class education, we endeavour to shape a student community of leaders, creative thinkers, athletes, outstanding speakers, musicians, artists and innovators.

Being a big campus with a small student body enables us to get to know each of our students and provide the individual support and challenge we have become recognised for. True community requires everyone to contribute, and our aim is to support all of our children to become flourishing, confident and caring learners.

Whilst we are an inclusive and an academically non-selective school, we do assess each child on entry to ensure we are appropriately equipped to meet their needs.

We look forward to welcoming you to S107, where you can join our flourishing, confident and caring learners.

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Y4 & Y8 Lee’s Family

S107 means to our family is : a school where we get all the smiles, a school where we feel warm, a school where we believe the power of praise to students, and a school where there is happiness in learning. We are always grateful to S107 because we are getting full support for our children since we relocated to a very new country. We are looking forward to S107 growing even more wonderfully with our children who will grow up nicely by S107’s educational philosophy.

Y4 & Y8 Lee’s family

S107 offers a really friendly, family-like environment and community that makes our entire family feel comfortable and connected to the school as part of our everyday life. The teachers at Early Years are all really hands-on and welcoming. They do a great job teaching our two children academics and helping them grow as individuals and learn important life skills such as independence, communication and confidence. As parents, we have made many new friends through the school, and we would highly recommend S107 for those looking for a world-class education within a welcoming community.

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Discover a world of opportunities under one roof as this truly international education creates and offers choices of curriculum suited to your child's future path.