Creative Arts

“S107 inspires students to learn way beyond the traditional classroom”

The Creative Arts department plays a major part in school life at S107. We believe that studying Music, Drama, Film, Visual Arts and Dance helps students become aware of additional methods of communication and develop a lifelong engagement with and appreciation for the arts. Primary and Secondary students have access to our dedicated facilities, which include a 250-seat theatre, Black Box theatres, recording studio, music practice rooms, art and film studios.

Girl playing piano


Our music programme starts from Nursery, progressing in scale across Primary and through Secondary, offering students opportunities in 10 music performances a year, as well as our S107 school band.


Film is a powerful and stimulating art form and practice. At S107, we uniquely offer IB Film as a subject.

The DP film course aims to develop students as proficient interpreters and makers of film texts. Through the study and analysis of film texts, and through practical exercises in film production, the film course develops students’ critical abilities and their appreciation of artistic, cultural, historical and global perspectives in film. Students examine film concepts, theories, practices and ideas from multiple perspectives, challenging their own viewpoints and biases in order to understand and value those of others.


To develop confidence in speaking from a young age, our drama programme begins in Nursery and continues through Secondary. Students can extend their learning with opportunities to perform in 6 drama productions annually.

Visual Art

We offer a broad, balanced and innovative visual art curriculum that is built around four central concepts: ideas and creative thinking, skills and processes, analytical responses and understanding and cultural and societal context. From 3 years old through to the IB programme the Visual Art department offers courses that challenge student’s creative, intellectual development and aesthetic talents. The school art show is held annually in May. This is a chance for the IGCSE and IB students to exhibit their work.

My children really love the school, especially my child in Year 11, as his classmates have been very friendly and welcoming ever since the first day of school. My child is really enjoying playing basketball and football during the break with his friends from S107 and lunch, and they hang out sometimes after school.

Kuramoto Family

We have had 2 children at the St. Andrews 107 School for more than 7 years and have seen them grow and blossom into confident individuals who love learning. We really appreciate the warmth, responsiveness and excellent teaching skills of the staff. One of the best things at St. Andrew remains the small class size. Our children have felt nurtured and supported in important ways in this environment.

Vaessen Family

We are the Balayale family from India. In the course of our search for an international school we came across St. Andrews 107. We were absolutely captivated once we coordinated with the school and within no time our son Austyn got acquainted with the atmosphere – Balayale family

Balayale family

When I first visited school, I fell in love at first sight with the green campus with children freely enjoying the school. My child started in Year 5 and he is settling well at S107 without any difficulties by a warm caring attitude from the teachers, staff, and his friends. I recommend S107 because all the teachers here support not only academics but they also know each individual’s own ability and encourage students for that. My child looks forward to going to school everyday which means S107 is a good school.

Y6 Kim’s family

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