Wellbeing & School Counselling


At S107, we aim to produce learners who can contribute to the world with confidence and who are happy and successful. We want our students to be ready for whatever the next stage of life's journey has in store for them, equipped with both the knowledge and skills to survive and thrive.

We promote wellbeing as a whole school community commitment that is based on the "PERMAH" and "Five Ways to Wellbeing" models for flourishing. These models form the framework for our holistic Lifeskills curriculum programme across the school. Every year, we dedicate a day to highlight the importance of wellbeing practises called Be Well day. On this day, the whole school participates in an array of wellbeing activities. In the day to day life of the school, we practice whole school morning yoga and a community mile run on Monday mornings. Additionally, we have a Grow Green Community that helps advocate for healthy and environmentally safe hobbies at school. The Grow Green community further helps in highlighting the importance of good nutrients and the role it plays in taking care of our own wellbeing. 

School Counsellors

The social and emotional counselling team also plays a key role in promoting wellbeing. The recent online parent workshops focusing on current challenges of the young generation such as 'gaming addiction', Anxiety, Depression and Self Identity proved incredibly popular and this provision will also continue throughout the year. We have a dedicated S107 counsellor, who has her own area and office with an open door policy where students (or staff) can drop in to ask questions, access resources, or just find a listening ear.

If our students are to flourish, achieve academically and successfully navigate their teenage years it is vital that they are equipped with the skills, knowledge, understanding to ensure they are emotionally healthy – And this is what we aim to do.

For more information or enquiries about the school counselling services, please contact our school counsellor, Stephanie Telado, at stelado@standrews-schools.com