June 27, 2022

A Letter From A Grow Green S107 Student

Dear all, 

Every year about 15 billion trees are cut down for space to build skyscrapers and apartments and the rest are used to make every day objects. One fact that some people ignore is that these plants and trees are essential not only for us but also for the various animals that we share this planet with.

Here in S107, we have plenty of space for trees and plants so, with the help of several people, the teachers in our school have created a group of students that are dedicated to this change and to make S107 the symbol of a greener future. Our main goal is to increase the number of plants and trees in our school and with the help of these volunteers, teachers and other members of our community, many plans have been put together to change the outlook of the community we are studying in.

Grow Green S107 has numerous plans that are going to soon be put into action but we could only do so with the help of every person in our community. 

Let’s work together and be a part of the solution to a large crisis by doing simple things that could change the world. Please check your inbox for our request for plant donations! 

A copy of the letter is here and here is a link to the video launch. 

Thanks for your support!

Janet Year 9