Benefits of Multicultural Education for International Students
August 9, 2023

Benefits of Multicultural Education for International Students at St. Andrews Sukhumvit 107

St. Andrews Sukhumvit 107 or S107 is an international school that’s academically non-selective. What this means is that instead of being exclusive, it’s rather inclusive instead. Of course, the school does do assessments of would-be pupils.

However, that’s done to ensure that they’re equipped to meet their needs instead of the school’s requirements. On top of that, they’re an institution that prides itself on inclusiveness. This means regardless of your cultural background, you can enter based on merit.

An International School for International Cultures

St. Andrews Sukhumvit 107 offers multicultural education for all. However, what is multicultural education? As the same says, it’s a multicultural approach towards education and academics so that no culture is prioritised over others.

The children enrolled in this school are given the chance to prove their mettle by merit instead of based on their cultural background. It promotes a learning environment that celebrates and respects the children’s cultural diversity.

  • The Far-Reaching Benefits of Multicultural Education: Cultural awareness is a must in today’s global world where everyone’s a citizen of Earth rather than only citizens of their country. It helps promote understanding of other children whose cultures are different from their own.

This exposure of kids to different traditions allows them to gain a deeper knowledge and appreciation of people from all walks of life. They’re able to better empathise and value cultures and ways of life other than their own.

  • Break Down Stereotypes and Prejudices: A multicultural education exposes you to different cultures and walks of life while breaking down prejudices and stereotypes at the same time. It also helps prevent tribalism and exclusion of others to keep belonging to an in-group.

A kid who’s around other people can easily clear up misunderstandings, preconceived notions, and ignorance of other cultures that stem from unfamiliarity. Kids can learn from experience the lifestyle, language, religion, and culture of those that they don’t share nationalities or cultural backgrounds with.

  • Fostering a Harmonious Community: Even if kids come from other places, teams, sections, ages, and so forth, they can coexist with each other in harmony. A multicultural education can assist in teaching a S107 pupil how to form a harmonious community of different people.

They can follow the examples of melting pots like New York or California when it comes to helping children familiarise themselves with a multi-ethnic, multicultural community that respects all their religions, beliefs, and affiliations without causing strife and chaos among each other.

  • The Reality of a Globalised World: Multicultural education isn’t so much a programme as it is a curriculum that realistically handles life in a globalised world. It’s a small world after all, and thanks to the Internet it has become smaller and less regional than ever before. 

The children enrolled in St. Andrews Sukhumvit 107 are taught how to communicate effectively with people from different cultures. They’ll observe how to respect the cultures of others while they show respect to their culture in turn. They’ll also be taught to avoid faux pas or get anything lost in translation.

  • An International School with an International Mindset: Start exposing your child early to other cultures so that they can have a wider and less narrow-minded view of the world at large. It’s getting smaller and driving cultures closer, but at the same time the world is still large and filled with diverse cultures far and wide.

To unite the cultures and “tribes” together while preventing tribalism from seeping in, the S107 provides an environment where the international children of St. Andrews can practise their language skills and communication styles. This prepares them in navigating the diverse social circles of the school and future professional settings.

  • Multicultural Education Prepares Your Critical Thinking: Kids enrolled in an international school like St. Andrews Sukhumvit 107 are more prepared to deal with problem solving and critical thinking compared to those in non-international or localised schools. Our learning centre’s inherent diversity showcases different perspectives and viewpoints.

In light of this, your child can learn to evaluate and analyse information critically by considering different perspectives. It’s a practical skill that’s valuable in today’s global world, where misinformation and fake news can mess with your grip on reality. You don’t want to foster an ill-informed, willfully ignorant individual.

  • Teaching Kids Empathy and Compromise: Aside from teaching children to question different sources of information and analyse available data in a critical manner, St. Andrews Sukhumvit 107 also encourages them to become better decision makers.

Learning different perspectives also teaches better empathy and consideration for the needs of the many. The children can learn how to both become self-sufficient individuals as well as social beings who contribute to their global community at large while harmoniously coexisting with other cultures.

  • Encouragement of Social Justice: Multicultural education and diversity also encourages your kids to learn the tenets of social justice. Instead of merely being considerate of themselves, they’ll also become more aware of the experiences of others so they can avoid hurting others with selfishness.

They’re taught how to be more considerate of others so that they’re not only concerned about preventing people from overstepping their boundaries on their rights but also prevent themselves from trampling on others’ rights in turn with complete empathy towards one another.

  • Becoming Aware of the Underrepresented and Marginalised: S107 also prioritises teaching kids to consider the experiences of others, regardless if they share cultures or not. The academy endeavours to represent the underrepresented and to make the marginalised feel like they’re being seen.

Whether people are part of a marginalised group or not, they are treated equally with their peers and can showcase their value in society by merit rather than by background or by other circumstances that are beyond their control. Kids in this school can also learn the experiences and struggles of such groups, which helps develop empathy.

  • Developing Social Responsibility and Preparing for a Globalised World: To prepare your child to deal with globalisation and a more tech-savvy world, they’ll be taught how to handle the latest technologies and display proper decorum with the different cultures and nationalities of the world.

Instead of having insular thinking, a St. Andrews pupil will learn to develop more social responsibility and empathy, thus fostering the values of acceptance, tolerance, and inclusion from the school community level all the way to the worldwide level in the future, when they become professionals in the field.

Thanks to the Internet, we’ve become a more interconnected reality. Having multicultural education therefore helps your child become more adept at rejecting divisiveness and embracing diversity and social justice in today’s digital landscape.

Visit the St. Andrews Campus to Learn More

If you’re interested in exposing your child to multiculturalism, then enrolling at the S107 campus is the way to go. They can schedule an appointment with staff by filling up this online form, for one thing.

They can even avail of a personalised interactive virtual campus tour. The in-person tour will be handled by a staff member who’ll contact you after online form submission. The virtual tour can be availed of at your leisure and at any time you want.