June 27, 2022

Benefits of a Smaller School with World Class Facilities

St. Andrews S107: providing personal education & world class facilities

St. Andrews International School S107 offers every individual child a focused and caring education and a teaching environment replete with world class facilities.

What are the highest expectations any parent has of the perfect school for their child? Surely a school that is able to provide a caring and personal focus on each individual student, and a learning environment created from exceptional world class facilities.

Selecting a school is one of the most important decisions any parent or guardian can make for a child. The place where the child will spend most of their time away from the home. The school whose teachers will educate the child to achieve happiness and success in education, work and many other areas of life.

The ideal classroom is a room where a student always feels welcome and comfortable, and one that contains a class size small enough to ensure the teacher can spend quality time with every individual child. This perfect teaching environment will also allow students access to the very best modern teaching aids and impressive facilities for academic studies, sports and the arts.

““We believe that it is our warm community feel, alongside our relentless support for your children’s academic, social and personal growth, that makes us special” ”

Carl Hutson – Head of School

St. Andrews S107 offers the perfect learning environment

At St. Andrews International School S107 we are immensely proud of the perfect learning environment we are able to provide to our students. On a small campus designed to incorporate incredible facilities and state of the art classroom technology, we maintain a family atmosphere where children feel both comfortable and inspired.

In our small size classes our students can develop very strong relationships not only with their teachers but also with their classmates, all of which will have a positive benefit for the child. These bonds help children to feel comfortable, appreciated, prepared to take risks and are important not only to learning but also to a child’s well being.

Amongst the many impressive facilities that children attending this school have access to are separate libraries for primary and senior school years, a multi purpose sports arena complete with fitness and dance studios and modern gymnasium, and expansive outdoor sports amenities that include basketball courts and a football pitch.

St. Andrews S107 facilities:

  • Multi purpose 4,000 sqm sports arena with fitness & dance studios and modern gymnasium
  • 250 seat theatre
  • State of the art science laboratories
  • Creative art department that incorporates a black box studio, film studio and music recording studio
  • Computer suites
  • Primary and senior school libraries
  • 25 metre swimming pool
  • FIFA standard astroturf football pitch, 
  • Outdoor basketball courts 
  • Parents’ cafe

St. Andrews S107 is an inclusive school that is able to provide education services to meet any child’s needs. Our teachers constantly strive to enable every student to reach their full potential in every area of life, and every class is able to enjoy learning within a truly inspiring school environment.

Benefits of a small school:

  • Offers an environment that prioritizes student wellbeing
  • Small class sizes ensure teachers can know each child’s individual needs, strengths and weaknesses and allows them to adapt their teaching methods accordingly
  • Students can develop really strong relationships with their teachers and fellow students
  • Flexibility to develop or change learning programs to suit individual or class needs
  • More opportunities for a child to learn leadership skills, become a team player and be involved in the school community
  • Good behavior is easier to maintain
  • Stronger links are formed between the faculty and parents

““We are an inclusive school and can cater to all abilities and needs, striving to offer our learners the individual and personal support that will enable them to exceed their expectations in anything they choose to do”.”

Carl Hutson – Head of School