June 27, 2022

Diversity & international community & alumni

How a diverse international school community creates confident alumni!

At St. Andrews International School S107, we understand the power and benefits that are created by having a diverse school community. As a truly international school, one that boasts a student base and teaching faculty derived from over 40 different nationalities, we see on a daily basis the positive effect that diversity has on the students in our care.

Research has confirmed that diversity just makes us smarter! Global reports are detailing why ‘being around people who are different from us makes us more creative, more diligent and harder-working’ and we see these studies working in real life in St. Andrews S107 classrooms everyday.

When a young person sees and hears different cultures and languages around them, they start to consider alternative viewpoints from the ones they have already learned in life. Students within diverse classrooms are able to think critically about their own beliefs and then examine new and old subjects in more creative ways. Once diversity has started improving the skills to acquire and assess knowledge, a child’s thinking will be more creative and their decision making and problem solving abilities will improve. 

Alongside our diverse student body, St. Andrews S107 runs an international education programme that offers fantastic opportunities for students to achieve in studies, access a university education or prepare for wider choice of career or job employment.

Language is a key part of our curriculum and all students undertake classes with English as the main language and study additional language options of Mandarin, Thai and French, with Thai being mandatory for all Thai students. Throughout each school year the key holidays and festivals of different nations are celebrated as an integral part of learning and teachers originating from other countries inspire students with personal anecdotes about their cultures.

At St. Andrews S107, our diverse international community and learning programmes help students graduating from our campus to access higher education and achieve success and happiness at university or college. From the school community that prepares them to meet a diverse university campus or adult workforce, to the comprehensive international curriculum they undertake to ensure they get there.St. Andrews S107 educational programme is a key stepping stone for every child being able to continue with their education after school, and the internationally recognized diplomas that can be achieved are their pathway to a choice of universities abroad.

School services for life after St. Andrews S107

The St. Andrews S107 University and Careers Counselling team works with students and their families to expedite university applications to institutions located all over the world. Every young person and their individual choices for further education are given great consideration to ensure each student has the best chance of success. 

Students will liaise with our IBDP Coordinator and the Head of Secondary to prepare statements, applications and to review the decision making process once any university or college places have been confirmed. 

For more information about St. Andrews S107’s diverse school community, international education programme and support services, contact: Lizzy West, Head of Inclusion, ewest@standrews-schools.com

““It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity, there is beauty, and there is strength”.”

Maya Angelou