June 27, 2022

How an international education opens up opportunities for your child

How an international education opens up opportunities for your child

Attending an international school prepares a young person for adult life far earlier than a more traditional school, and most often in a much more exciting and interesting way. Being part of an international school community involves each student socialising and studying alongside children of other nationalities and culture; these school communities are a vibrant and real representation of life at university or in the workplace. 

An international school education affords students the great opportunity of learning about different cultures from a young age, and learning about new lifestyles, languages and values helps a child develop in many positive ways. They quickly learn a great deal about the world and it’s many populations, to consider subjects and issues from a different perspective, to develop communication skills and social responsibility.

It is evident that students attending an international school can attain the character and abilities necessary to easily move on to a university or college, or gain adult employment. There are personal, practical and academic reasons why an international education opens up opportunities for every child, and the advantages in each and every area are significant.

5 Reasons why an international education creates greater opportunities!

1. Character & confidence

Learning within the diverse community of an international school has many positive effects on a student – it builds character and a strong self belief that leads to a confidence that will help it’s alumni achieve their goals and realise their dreams.

2. Languages

Students attending an international school benefit from the robust language programmes they implement as part of their curriculum. English is normally the central language of most classes, but children learning English as an additional language (EAL) will have access to considerable support, and every child will benefit from taking classes in additional languages each year. The more languages an individual is proficient in, the wider their career, travel and work opportunities become.

3. Broad horizons & inspirational teachers

Every type of learning leads to a broader perspective on some aspect of life but an international education will broaden an individual’s horizons remarkably. It is inspiring being amongst a community of teachers and other children who can relay stories of different cultures and countries, interesting travel and adventures, exciting work placements in far distant countries, and basic different experiences in life. An international school community will open the minds of its students to the endless opportunities and possibilities available in life. 

4. Creativity & innovation

When you bring together students from different countries and cultures to study and learn together you create great potential for creative and innovative approaches to problem solving and teamwork. An international school teaches children how to be more creative in all aspects of their lives and this opens the door to more creative options in further education and employment.

5. Paperwork and process 

The wider a student considers their options for higher education or employment the greater their opportunities unfold and if a Secondary school student is considering a university placement abroad then obviously their opportunities increase tenfold! The only negative to this scenario is possibly how daunting the application process might appear. So what could be more beneficial than a school with teachers and administrators who have experience in this field, and a department dedicated to guiding and helping students achieve their goals?

““Surely, of all the wonders of the world, the horizon is the greatest.””

Freya Stark

At St. Andrews International School, S107

At St. Andrews International School, Sukhumvit 107, we understand the power and benefits that are created by having a diverse school community. As a truly international school, one that boasts a student base and teaching faculty derived from over 40 different nationalities, we see on a daily basis the positive effect that diversity has on the students in our care.

Of distinct benefit to our students are the following:

Access to universities abroad: At St. Andrews International School, Sukhumvit 107 we maintain beneficial contacts with universities and colleges located in Thailand and across the world.

Cognita: St. Andrews Sukhumvit 107 is part of the global Cognita family, an international education organisation that shares expertise, insights and best practice to improve international educational services.Internationally recognised curriculum: Our students follow a rigorous curriculum aligned with the English National Curriculum Standards using the IB framework – qualifications from this programme are recognised by higher education institutions worldwide.