June 27, 2022

New Sixth Form Centre: Preparing Students for the Future in Mind

Published by Isabelle Peters

We are very excited that our new Sixth Form Centre is finally finished, situated in building 3, on the 2nd floor, at the end of the creative arts corridor, for our Sixth Form students to enjoy the best possible learning and social space. This new area will bring students together, providing a first-rate learning centre designed with preparing students for the future in mind. The priority is to create space and an enhanced environment on campus to benefit future Sixth Form cohorts.

The new area provides 1 large general social/work space and 3 workroom offices. This area creates a space that anticipates the feel of university life and gives them a private area to relax and study.

The new area will be a significant improvement of the space dedicated to the Sixth Form and will allow us to accommodate students much more comfortably and appropriately.