June 27, 2022

S107’s Environmental & Sustainability Plans 2021

The Eco-Team has big plans for 2021. We want to make S107 the most beautiful campus in Bangkok. After discussions between the S107 Eco-Team, plans are in place to have hanging plants along all of our outdoor walkways, and we have identified areas we want to landscape to create more beautiful spaces. However we are still looking for more input and idea about how we can further develop these areas, so please contact an Eco-Team member if you have any!

  • Xan in Year 12 wants to focus on indoor plants. We are aiming to have at least 4 large plants in each classroom and office.
  • Several Year 12 students have plans to create another garden near the football pitch.
  • We also want to improve our paper recycling process to make it more efficient, create a vermiculture system (worm farming) and begin to compost more of our food waste.
  • We are also aware that the progress made last year to reduce single-use plastic at school has been reversed since the COVID-19 lockdowns. We plan to address this.

If you would like to be involved in increasing our campus’s sustainability, if you are knowledgeable about plants in Thailand or have any good ideas, please contact a member of the Eco-Team. If you would like to donate any plants or plant pots to the school, these would also be gratefully received!