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June 27, 2022

S107’s Student Receives Scholarship to one of the Best Music Universities in the World

One S107’s highest performing 2022 graduate’s: Teya has accepted a scholarship at Berklee College of Music, one of the best music universities in the world, known for the study of jazz and modern American music. We spoke with her about experience at S107, and her process of getting into university.  

How long have you been at S107?

I have been at S107 since year 7, so for 6 years. I came from a Thai school, and my parents wanted me to have an international education. 

Why did they choose S107?

They chose S107 because it’s in a really good location just off the Bearing BTS, close to my house. The school is also going through a developing stage in terms of education and facilities, which is what drew my family to it. 

Why do you like S107?

I love S107 for many reasons. Due to the flexibility of the school, I was able to pick subjects that I actually wanted to do, which can be difficult with the IB. I chose a range of creative arts subjects: Music, Film, Drama and Art, so I am thankful to the teachers for making that happen.

Who are your favourite teachers?

I’d say Mr Mike (Head of Music and Creative Arts) and Mr Caleb (Film Teacher), as they’ve always supported me in both life and education. They went above and beyond with support during my 6 years, which then ultimately got me into University; they always saw and continue to see the best in me.

What instruments do you play?

I play the guitar, piano, and I sing as well. The school has some fantastic music studios, so I get to practise whenever I want and play with my friends. 

What University will you be attending in August?

I will be attending Berklee University in Boston on a scholarship, which I am very proud of as it is one of the top music universities in the world. The process was reasonably tricky – I had to audition by playing a song and then have an interview and a music theory test. I was a bit nervous, but it was all worth it in the end.

What is the Creative Arts department like at S107?

It’s amazing! At S107, you have many opportunities to discover and learn about your passions. We have professional film rooms, music rooms, a recording studio, a big auditorium and drama rooms. Not many schools have this. 

Name one of your favourite moments at S107?

It’s hard just to name one, but playing in the school concert band and all the musical bands at school have got to be a highlight. Throughout my 6 years, I played in all the school productions like the Jungle Book, Bugsy Malone, and Forbidden Planet – it was very fun, and I got to work on my skills.

About S107

Founded in 1997, St Andrews S107 boasts a spacious, green campus in the heart of Bangkok. The school is home to a truly international student body with a community of learning, friendships and adventure, all the way from Early Years to the renowned IB.