"We lived in Bangkok from 2008-2010 and our daughter attended St. Andrews Sathorn. She had a great experience and when we returned 3 years ago, we chose St. Andrews Sukhumvit 107 for various reasons; it offers education for 2-18 year olds so both our children (age 4 and 13 could be in the same school), its International Baccalaureate curriculum and the warm welcome that we got at our first visit.

Last year, our eldest daughter left for a boarding school in the UK. However, we have stayed at St. Andrews for all the benefits it continues to give our son. He has developed inquiry skills, so he can continually learn about how his decisions and behaviour affects his group, his community and the world. The school offers great facilities, resources, dedicated teachers/ TAs, safe and clean environment and most importantly, there is a tremendous feeling of warmth in the St. Andrews community that benefits everyone." 

Parents of Nadya and Daniel Oppenheim (UK)

"We are an expat family from Sweden and Denmark that moved to Bangkok with three small children. We feel very fortunate to be part of St. Andrews 107 school community. Our children, who are now finishing Year 2, Year 1 and Kindergarten class, were very well received in their classes straight from the starts. Both school system and language are different from what we are used to in Scandinavia. It was a big change for both kids and parents. My husband and I asked ourselves if we were doing the right thing, putting our kids in an International school with such different curriculum. However, St. Andrews teachers and staff were very welcoming, flexible and engaged to make us all feel at home in our new surroundings. They couldn't have done a better job. The kids got maximum English support immediately and it's been a pleasure to see their English level grow remarkably. After only some months they were playing in English with friends and talking in class, even giving small presentations. The school has high academic demands, which our kids have found stimulating. Additionally, there is a healthy focus on the whole individual, including physical, social and creative activities. For example, our kids have highly enjoyed swimming and sport activities. Even our 4 year old is now an avid swimmer. The two older ones were excited to be elected for the school's swimming team. There are so many choices and possibilities; I truly feel St. Andrews has something unique to offer every child. The academic profile in combination with all the school activities really make the entire individual grow. We've been excited to see strong positive development in all our three kids.  

Worth noticing is that the school even advised and helped us finding a suitable house close by. All in all the school staff has done more than what could be expected in order to give us a warm welcome. We will always treasure our time as a St. Andrews school family."

Parents of Alexander, Olivia, and Sofia Storbaek (Denmark)

"We are the family Langschmidt, my name is Hanneke and I’m married to Wilco. Together we have 2 sons; Justin 15 years old and he is in Year 10 and Yanick 12 years old and he is in Year 7.

2 years ago my husband got the opportunity from his company to live and work in Bangkok Thailand.

Our first time overseas…how exciting this was to all of us. Leaving behind our house, family and friends in the Netherlands and moving to an unknown big city in Asia.

When we visited St Andrews 107 for the first time, we felt the atmosphere was good. We liked the fact that St Andrew’s was a relatively small school, close to our home and to the BTS. We noticed that there were enough possibilities for the parents to contact the teachers anytime they want, what we really liked.

At that time our sons didn’t speak any English, so that was the first challenge for teachers and our sons…after 6 months they spoke English. Yes, it was hard the first months overseas, the teachers believed in our sons and gave them the self-confidence they needed. Justin and Yanick really appreciate being at this school because of the teaching system and besides the sport events.

Our sons made new great friends at this school…we as parents are still very happy that we made our choice for St Andrews 107!"

Parents of Yanick Langschmidt (Netherlands)