June 28, 2022

Austyn Balayale (Year 3)

We are the Balayale family from India. In the course of our search for an international school we came across St. Andrews 107. We were absolutely captivated once we coordinated with the school and within no time our son Austyn got acquainted with the atmosphere.

The development of our son has been incredible, and the confidence level has soared and it’s an absolute joy to spectate. St. Andrews 107 has always worked towards not just children flourishing academically, but also building great values that will last a lifetime. The balance mix of formal education with playful and relaxed teaching makes St. Andrews 107 a world class school. At this juncture, we would like to wholeheartedly thank St. Andrews 107 for being child centric, child focused and child friendly school. Apart from the academic advancement, students enrolled at St. Andrews 107 have the advantage of interacting with various cultures which can aid in their social development in a very positive manner. The high standards maintained combined with individual attention afforded to students are remarkable.

The teachers, TAs and the entire faculty are amazingly helpful and our special thanks to the school on-boarding section which truly impressed us. Our first visit to St. Andrews 107 was overwhelming and will always be an enduring memory. Our son Austyn loves the school, and we are pleased with the ethos of the school which aspires to identify each child’s capabilities and provides an environment that enables all children to achieve their potential.