June 27, 2022

The benefits of an all-through school

The benefits of an all-through schoo

There are few greater examples of a close knit positive community than the students, parents, teachers and administrators who work at or attend an all-through school. By its very nature and raison d’etre, a school provides services that will improve young people’s lives, and the collective team that works towards reaching these goals, are highly likely to work in a cohesive and constructive manner.

In the case of an all-through school, where students can complete at least two stages of their education, the community is able to reinforce its investment in each child’s learning as they are involved in it for longer. In a school where available classes start for children aged 2 and finish with 18 year old graduates, the bonds of community will be strengthened to an even greater extent.

The benefits of an all-through school education are numerous and they are helpful not only for students but also for parents and guardians. Within the setting of a positive school community children can really thrive and parents will find a network of support to help them ensure their child receives the best possible education.

Benefits of an education at an all through school:


Among the many benefits of a positive school community are the collective common values that can unite faculty, administrators, students and parents. When an all-through school has a diverse community it will ensure that students will benefit from an inclusive and international education.

Continuity & stability

A great positive of attending an all-through school on a single site campus is that the transition from each school year to the next – from Early Years all the way through to Secondary School – is fairly seamless and familiar. The stability of this continuity reduces feelings of uncertainty and allows students to feel more confident about moving up to a more grown up class and tackling new subjects and challenges!

Shorter settling in times

When starting the first term at the start of each new school year, a child will settle far more quickly as they make their way through an all-through school. Students can avoid those often anxious times of making new friends and finding a comfortable place in a new peer group if their classmates and school buddies remain constant.

Familiar & Inspirational teachers

A clear benefit of attending an all-through school is that teachers and leadership teams can get to know each child’s background extremely well. This understanding of a student’s abilities and interests helps the school provide a personalised learning approach that will help a child to reach their full potential in their education and home life.

Good for parents & guardians too!

It’s not just students who enjoy being part of a familiar and friendly school environment – the same will apply to parents and guardians too. Adults also appreciate being part of a community where people know them by name and they share a fun history of school projects and social occasions. It’s also helpful to avoid what can be the lengthy admissions process of a child starting at a new school, and the costs involved with enrollment.

St. Andrews International School S107 – a leading all-through school in Bangkok

St. Andrews International School S107 is a leading all-through school for 2 to 18 year olds located within a beautiful green single site campus near to Bangkok’s city centre. We are an inclusive and diverse school community that enjoys a student base and teaching staff that collectively originate from over 40 different countries.

Our goal is to provide students with a personalised education that meets each child’s individual needs and abilities, one that begins in the dedicated Early Years centre and is completed at the end of Secondary School.

St. Andrews International School S107 offers students the best education services and impressive modern facilities that include a 4,000 sqm sports arena, film studio and 25m swimming pool.

Why not contact St. Andrews Sukhumvit 107 today to arrange a tour of the school campus and our incredible modern facilities?

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Tel: +66 (0) 2393 3883E: sukhumvit@standrews-schools.com