June 27, 2022

A new vocational centre for Steps. A new school model for Thailand

By Max, Founder and CEO of Steps

Following on from our previous announcement about our partnership with St Andrews Sukhumvit 107, we’re proud to announce our third vocational centre has opened there!

This is a massive milestone on Steps’ mission to create a more inclusive society for neurodivergent young people. We have high hopes that integrating our centres with a school environment will create a community of acceptance which will stay with all students long after they leave the school.

I asked Lizzy West, Head of Inclusion at St Andrews why she’s excited about the new centre and cafe, and she said:

“Placing neurodivergent students at the heart of our community should help all staff, students and parents think more inclusively.”

“There will be opportunities for all learners across the whole school and community to benefit. Whether it is a visit to learn about making healthy smoothies, or for business students to learn more about social enterprise.”

One St Andrews student who has previously attended Steps offsite is now due to start learning at the campus vocational centre. When I asked her what she thought about the new centre she said:

“I have been to the STEPS training Centre for 3 years. The different things I got to do are that I have made new friends, made some drinks, learned how to do shopping and learned money maths word problems. I am feeling more happy, because I make new friends at Steps.”

I’m really pleased we can offer students the opportunity to study with Steps within a traditional academic environment.

We’re obviously really proud of the inclusive environment we’ve created within our current vocational centres and cafes, but it will never be enough until it starts to expand beyond the spaces we manage to wider society.

It’s a massive win to be doing that in a school, where the perceptions of the decision makers and employers of the future are being shaped.

The Steps vocational centre at St Andrews Sukhumvit 107 will be open to existing students at the school as well as new recruits. Read more about how to enrol here and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.