Why St. Andrews Sukhumvit S107 International Nursery in Bangkok is Among the Best in Thailand

As part of the Cognita global school network, St. Andrews International School, Sukhumvit S107 belongs to a network of 70 schools found in 10 different countries. The school empowers and equips its students for the global stage. It does so by providing them access to world-class education delivered through a holistic approach to teaching and a nurturing community of students, parents, and teachers.

In S107’s 36,000 SQM campus are students as young as two years old all the way to 18 years old, accommodating students from nursery to Year 13.

S107 is an inclusive and academically non-selective school equipped with means to assess how best to support every single student. The staff uses the “Assess, Plan, Do, Review” response method of identifying how best to support students’ unique and diverse needs. The majority of the teaching staff also come from countries like the UK, New Zealand, Ireland, and Australia. They also possess UK-recognised teaching degrees.

St. Andrews Sukhumvit’s international nursery programme in under its Early Years centre for students aged 2 to 5 is among the best international nursery programmes in Bangkok.

St. Andrews International School, Sukhumvit’s nursery programme is built into their Early Years Centre. This centre was created to focus on developing the whole child through mutual understanding and respect with them. Teachers and staff are trained to see how each child is unique and to help them become capable and curious learners.

Below is a list of more reasons why S107’s Early Years Centre is deemed among the best international nursery programmes in Bangkok.

#1: St. Andrews International School Sukhumvit 107 has a high level of accreditation

As an international nursery in Bangkok, S107 ensures that it attains high levels of accreditation and affiliations with internationally recognized networks. While most international schools in Thailand have attained standard or 3rd tier accreditations with the Centre for British Teaching (CfBT), St. Andrews International Schools were the first to have been awarded a second-tier accreditation with the organisation.

CfBT is a UK-based education organisation and is one of the four organisations authorised by the Thai Education Ministry to conduct international school accreditations in the country.

S107 is also accredited with the International Baccalaureate and ONESQA. The school is affiliated with the International Schools Association of Thailand, International Schools Association Athletic, and International Schools Quality Mark.

They have also produced students that have gone to schools like Harvard University, Seoul National University, University of Toronto, and more.

#2: The curriculum is guided by the 21st Century Principles of Learning

How students learn has drastically changed in recent years, and this international nursery in Bangkok acknowledges this very much. This is why the nursery programme has chosen to follow the 21st Century Principles of Learning. These principles address the leaps scientific advances have made as well as the ethical and social challenges that they are growing up into.

These principles include Academic Honesty, Information Literacy, Critical Thinking, Creativity, and STEM Learning.

These principles will help guide teachers in equipping children to be independent learners with the right set of values so that they can create an impact and contribute to the welfare of the communities they will be joining in the future and take on the inevitable challenges of the world headstrong and head on.

#3: The Early Years Centre also follows the British Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum

This international nursery programme in Bangkok is also designed to teach children how to think, and not necessarily what to think. Apart from being guided by the 21st Century Principles of Learning, S107 also follows the British Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. This is a standard set in the UK for learning, development, and care for children from birth to five years old.

Teachers utilise a play-based approach to learning. They take close attention to each student’s individual interests and needs and take these into account when designing their lessons. This method allows children to develop in the following areas:

  • Communication and language
  • Personal, Social, and Emotional development
  • Physical development
  • Literacy
  • Understanding the World
  • Mathematics
  • Expressive Arts and Design
  • PE
  • Music
  • Swimming
  • Thai

#4: Our International Nursery Program Follows a Holistic Approach to Education

S107 fully recognizes that each student is an individual, which is why teachers and staff take the uniqueness of each student seriously. In fact, the school has a low teacher-to-student ratio, especially for its international nursery programme in Bangkok. This approach is broken down further into key principles which include individualised instruction, experiential learning, and social-emotional development.

Each nursery class only has 16 students. They will have a full set of teachers, teaching assistants, and Early Year nannies in each year group. This was intentionally designed to help teachers connect more with their students and see them as individuals rather than members of a class. This allows teachers to really get to know their students and understand their needs.

This also helps foster positive relationships in the classroom where students can gain a sense of belonging in the group. This will help them form friendships and socialise better. Children are allowed and encouraged to form connections with their teachers and peers in a healthy and positive learning environment.

This approach also fosters an atmosphere of respect and understanding among everyone involved at this stage of a student’s life – respect between teachers and students, their parents, and their peers. A holistic approach also allows students to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills and empathy.

This kind of international nursery programme in Bangkok also allows students to have more space and time for their own interests. This will aid in giving them a better appreciation and understanding of their own uniqueness and the things they find interesting. Curiosity is encouraged in the Early Years Centre so the children will have the foundation for becoming well-rounded individuals in the future.

#5: There are extensive indoor and outdoor facilities for better learning opportunities

Part of the international nursery programme’s holistic approach to learning is creating opportunities for students to learn indoors and outdoors so that they can begin interacting and understanding the world. The Early Years Centre has extensive indoor and outdoor facilities to help children learn by playing. Apart from the classrooms, students get access to an outdoor playground and sandboxes while surrounded by plants and trees.

This creates opportunities for them to explore as well as take risks confidently while still being supervised by teachers and staff in a safe environment. Teachers will also be observing and listening and answering students’ questions so that they can be a resource for children to learn and make new discoveries.

#6: The school supports enrichment and emotional well-being

While S107 is focused on developing academic skills and helping students become lifelong learners, it also recognizes that students no matter their age would need support for their emotional health. This is why the international school also provides counselling and well-being services for students (and their teachers).

The school has a dedicated social and emotional counsellor where everyone is free to drop in at any time of the day for any of their needs.

The school also allows parents to be actively involved through parent support groups. Here, parents can volunteer to be part of workshops or big events like sports festivals, celebrations like Songkran and Christmas and other social events.

What does the Early Years Centre’s nursery program look like?

School hours run from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm for half-day schedules, while full-day schedules start from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm. Nursery students have a flexible snack time schedule in the morning, and a lunch break and outdoor play starting at 11:30 am to 12:30 am.

Nursery children can have 4 or 5-day classes per week, either half days or full days. Children will get a staggered start – fewer hours during the first few weeks before increasing their time as they settle into school and get to know their peers, teachers, and other staff members.

How is the admissions process for our International Nursery in Bangkok?

Parents can access St. Andrews International School Sukhumvit 107’s application forms online. There are also supporting documents required including a photocopy of the parent’s and child’s passports and visas, the child’s birth certificate, 2 passport photographs that aren’t older than six months, and if there have been any educational assessment or specialist reports. There is also an application fee of 4,000 baht.

The Early Years Centre also conducts its own assessment through informal and practical activities that would be done by the child in the classroom. Once the assessment has been done, the school will then issue a formal letter of offer with details for tuition fees and payments.

A breakdown of fees can be seen here.

How to schedule a visit to the top international nursery in Bangkok

St. Andrews International School Sukhumvit encourages parents to visit the school before enrolling. The school conducts open days for interested parents, but they also allow parents to schedule twilight tours for those who need more flexibility for visits.

Parents can schedule visits at either 4:00 pm or 5:00 pm time slots on Mondays so that they can drop by at convenient hours and have an early evening chat with the school’s admissions team.

Parents can schedule a visit through this link or the form below.


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