St Andrews International Primary School Sukhumvit (S107)

Welcome to St Andrews Primary International School on Sukhumvit Road

Age Range 5-11 years

Year Groups: Years One to Six

Key Contact: Mrs Kate Shaffer (Head of Early Years and Primary)


Specialist Subjects Core Subjects HUMANITIES
PE Music Literacy History and Geography
Swimming MFL French or Mandarin Mathematics Computing
Thai Art and DT Science PSHE
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Teaching and Learning

Our belief is that children learn best through hands-on experiences, in an environment where they are active participants in their learning. St Andrews Primary International School’s teachers are experienced and passionate about children’s learning and development. Classes are taught by qualified international teachers and supported by Teaching Assistants working together to support children’s progress. Our teachers are experts at leading the learning and plan core subjects in literacy, mathematics, arts, science, and social studies including geography and history. This is enhanced by specialists teaching classes in art, design and technology, music, physical education, swimming and world languages.

Collaborative learning is at the heart of our curriculum, and helps to foster the development of skills that contribute to students’ personal, emotional and academic success. We recognise the potential of each child and adopt an inclusive approach that accommodates different learning styles and needs.

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Caring Community

At St Andrews Primary International School (S107) we are proud of our small community feel, where relationships come first. Our students are supported to build strong relationships with their teachers, their peers and the wider school. Meaningful links are made between school and home, as we recognise the importance of each child’s home and family experience in supporting their development.

We celebrate the diverse international community we serve through celebrations of important cultural events throughout the year, always striving to include all members through events such as our popular international day.

Social-emotional development is integrated into the curriculum and learning, and is supported by services such as student counselling.


Outside the Classroom

Experiential learning outside the classroom through class trips and community action inspires students and enriches the broad curriculum. Our vast green campus with extensive natural space is used extensively to support outdoor learning. Children are also encouraged to take part in a wide range of extra-curricular activities to broaden their experiences, from the arts, to sports and academics.

From Year 3 upwards, students participate in annual Residential trips, to deepen the learning and develop their teamwork, independence, responsibility towards the environment, and eco-awareness.

Primary Highlights

Discover a world of opportunities under one roof as this truly international education creates and offers choices of curriculum suited to your child's future path.