June 27, 2022

St Andrews Sukhumvit 107 Secondary School Students Celebrate World Maths Day

Secondary school students at St Andrews Sukhumvit 107 came together to celebrate World Maths Day on 16 October. Celebrated worldwide, World Maths Day, encourages school children to increase their mathematical skills through online games and contests.  

Organised by year group and house colours, Naan, Bping, Yom, Wang, the teams worked together to complete three rounds of quizzes that included questions on general knowledge and mathematics as well. Organised by the mathematics department, the competition took place at the end of the half term and allowed students to mix amongst with different year groups and leverage each other’s learnings.

Team Year 9-10 Wang won the competition with 100 points, followed by team Year 9-10 Yom and in third place was Year 9-10 Ping. Year 9–10’s were clearly the stars of the day!

We thank all teachers and volunteers who came together to make the day a rousing success.