June 27, 2022

Students Participate in Reading Challenge during Book Week

A highlight of the year is Book Week. This year, Primary teachers organised various activities featuring favourite books and the children were encouraged to bring in books to share. Guest readers were in the Library or in various classes for story time and several classes enjoyed a morning in their pyjamas, reading together by cosy lamplight!

For Secondary, “Drop Everything and Read” was observed throughout the week, encouraging children to ‘lose themselves’ in books. In addition, the Reading Challenge has been launched across the school. The purpose of this event is to promote reading for pleasure, with house points awarded! A favourite Book Week activity for both Primary and Secondary is the Book Character Costume Day. The theme for Primary this year was “Creature Feature”.

We enjoyed our first Costume Day in the auditorium as fabulous mythical creatures, dinosaurs, woodland and jungle creatures paraded across the stage. This year’s winners were Namo (Y4) dressed as the dinosaur from Julia Donaldson’s ‘Dinosaur Diary’ (his costume took three weeks to make!) and Eliza (Y1) dressed as the cute but rather mischievous Shaun the Sheep.  Many children made a great effort with their costumes and some of the other notable ones were:  Talent (Y6), Ohn (Y6), Cully (Y5), Dunk (Y4), Joshua (Y3), Julie (Y2), Daniel (Y1), Pim (KG) and the whole of Reception for a recreating a coral reef with a dazzling array of sea creatures!