June 27, 2022

Inclusive & Personalised learning approach

Guiding students to reach full potential via inclusive & personalised learning

The faculty at St. Andrews International School S107 champions the inclusive and personalised approach to learning. As a truly international school that is composed of students and teachers originating from over 40 different countries, personalised learning is particularly appropriate for the children within our small diverse and inclusive community. 

In general personalised learning aims to customise learning specifically for each individual student. International educational reports into the teaching method assert that ‘personalised learning and support acknowledges that every learner has unique characteristics and individual learning differences that influence their school performance’. 

Teaching staff at St. Andrews S107 always strive to provide the best opportunities for our students to flourish. We therefore implement individual learning plans to address what each child already knows about any particular subject, and then what teaching method helps that child learn the best. This approach is essentially about tailoring an education to meet the individual’s needs, interests and aptitude, and also a child’s learning preferences.

At St. Andrews S107 It is our experience that different students, in the same learning situation, will more often than not make sense of the learning process in completely different ways, as our students are all individual learners with specific needs.

““We believe that it is our warm community feel, alongside our relentless support for your children’s academic, social and personal growth, that makes us special. We strive to offer our learners the individual and personal support that will enable them to exceed their expectations in anything they choose to do”.”

The Leadership Team

St. Andrews S107 teachers are caring, professional and committed to an inclusive and personalised learning approach to educate the children in our care. 

An inclusive and personalised approach to learning connects with our school’s principles and our Guiding Statement, which places emphasis on actively encouraging each student and promoting an ethos of caring, respect and tolerance of differences in abilities, needs, cultures and religions.

Steps to a personalised approach to learning

Assess: teachers will get to know each student, what they know about the subject, and how they learn

Plan: by collaborating with the student a plan is prepared for the student to follow

Evaluate: teachers will assess the effectiveness of the learning approach 

Adjust: during the learning process the teacher will make adjustments to the plan to meet the student’s strengths and needs

Part of the Cognita school family

St. Andrews International School S107 is also part of Cognita, an inclusive global school network of over 80 schools located in many countries around the world. Cognita schools are committed to providing excellent teaching practices and the support that every child needs to achieve their full potential. We are fortunate to be able to call on the vast knowledge and experience within the global Cognita schools network for their guidance on an inclusive and personalised approach to learning.

Guiding Statement

St. Andrews International School, Sukhumvit 107 offers education to children from international and our local community. Our education programme is based on the English National Curriculum and the International Baccalaureate and we endeavour to meet the needs of the whole child in order for them to fulfil their potential in academic, social, emotional, cultural and physical development. This is achieved through a balanced curriculum that contains a blend of both traditional values and modern technology. Emphasis on the individual is actively encouraged and supported by an ethos which is caring, respectful and tolerant of differences in abilities, needs, cultures and religions.

St. Andrews International School, Sukhumvit 107