June 27, 2022

S107 Summer Camp 2018

Our fun activity-based S107 Summer Camp is back in 2018

            Our summer camp will keep your child learning with an all-day, all-fun programme. They are allowed the freedom to develop their own projects, are physically challenged, and have a chance to learn new skills. The schedule is flexible and offers enough security, independence and stimulation to meet the needs of the child. They will acquire and strengthen new activity proficiencies as well as values-based social skills. They will also learn acceptance and appreciation of all people while interacting and learning with other children and staff from diverse backgrounds. Most of all, they will have FUN!

          If you are interested in registering you child, please follow this link to the online application


Main contact staff for Summer Camp

Ø Ms. Kingkan (Kae): kingkand@standrews-schools.com Tel: 02.393.3883 Ext. 105

Ø Ms. Amelie: phatcharaporn@standrews-schools.com Tel: 02.393.3883 Ext. 106Ø Mr. Steve: shensman@standrews-schools.com